Door Hardware & System

- 手動滑軌門 -

Manual Sliding Door

Aerolan Sliding Door Set

Apoll Rolling-Guidied Gears

Sliding Fitting Systems

Sliding Door System Levolan 60

Sliding Door System Levolan 60/120

Sliding Folder Rollan 40/80 NT

- 自動手動排煙通風系統 -

Indoor Climate Control

Fanlight Opening Systems

Ventilation and Indoor Climate Control

- 自動手動門通用系列 -

Cranked Turn-And- Tilt Hardware

Electrically Operated Ventilation Systems

Integrated All-Glass Systems

- 自動平移平開門 -

Hospital Sliding Doors

TSA 325 NT Revolving Doors

Activation Devices and Sensor Systems

Swing Door Systems

Sliding Door Systems

ECturn Inside


Slimdrive SLV/SL Inclined

Slimdrive SC/SCR

- 門鎖門禁 -

IQ Lock Aut

Self-locking Panic Locks

SecuLogic Access Control Systems

Safety Solutions

SecuLogic Emergency Exit Systems